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Integrating NoMAD and NoLo to Auto Sign In

Integrating with NoMAD has been one of the most requested features since NoMAD Login was first released. More specifically, the ability to securely pass a user’s credentials so that user is automatically signed into NoMAD.

Moving to authchanger with NoMAD Login

NoMAD Login offers up two flavors of installer package - NoMADLogin.pkg and NoMADLogin-authchanger.pkg. This post aims to explain what authchanger does, differences between those two packages, and how to deploy NoMAD Login using authchanger.

Using NoMAD Login With Jamf DEP Workflows

NoMAD Login is a login window replacement for macOS that allows you to authenticate to Active Directory to create a local account mirroring AD credentials. It’s often used in conjunction with NoMAD as a way to access AD features without requiring an actual bind.