Apple and K12 IT

Chrome BrowserSignIn Bypass

Bypass force sign in for fun and profit! Managing Google Chrome can be a bear sometimes. With dozens of policies to comb through for any given need, it’s a platform unto itself.

Downloading Apple Silicon Mac IPSWs

Admins who have worked with non-Mac Apple devices for a long time are already familiar with IPSW (iPod software) files. IPSWs are the OS installers for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and other variations in the iDevice family.

Deploying Lightspeed Relay with Jamf Pro

One of the most common questions on the MacAdmins Slack #lightspeed channel is, “How do I install the Relay smart agent on Macs?” Lightspeed provides a little guidance and a decent overview, and that works most of the time, except when it doesn’t.

Mitigating Mac Enrollment Failures

While working to enroll 1,000+ Macs to prep for the start of school, we found a large number were failing to get an enrollment configuration during Setup Assistant. There were three distinct ways the process failed.

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