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Notes on Activation Lock: Apple Silicon Management Challenges

Apple silicon has made Mac exciting again. Exiting for consumers who can run most everyday tasks at near ludicrous speed. Exciting for IT admins as the rules for managing this new era of Mac shift around them. There’s a new normal, and what worked with Intel Macs might not work on Apple silicon. In this post we’ll look at Activation Lock. The good, the bad, and what’s actually true.

You Had One Job! Apple Silicon Macs Can't Be Locked Using MDM Lock Command

Consider filing feedback after reading this post! Voice your opinion by referencing AppleCare enterprise case 101264025284. Talk with your Apple SE, account manager, or vendor. DeviceLockCommand As Apple silicon documentation slowly trickles in, the Apple admin community learns more about changes impacting MDM and other functions intended for enterprise.

Downloading Apple Silicon Mac IPSWs

Admins who have worked with non-Mac Apple devices for a long time are already familiar with IPSW (iPod software) files. IPSWs are the OS installers for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and other variations in the iDevice family.