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MDM Kernel Extension Install Support in Big Sur

This post mainly exists to shamelessly promote my Jamf feature request to add support for RebuildKernelCache. Before jumping into the details, go upvote that feature request. You can always go backtrack later to downvote me if by the end you decide it’s not worth the support.

Managing Fast User Switching Broken in Big Sur

While some organizations went full steam ahead with Big Sur, in K12 education land we’re usually a few months behind. While testing our Big Sur deployment I found managing fast user switching using MultipleSessionEnabled in a GlobalPreferences profile payload is broken.

Big Sur Upgrade Requires Over 35 GB Free Space

Like many of us during the pandemic, Big Sur has gotten a bit chonky. Not including the over 12 GB installer, it takes 35 GB to upgrade from a previous OS to Big Sur.

Big Sur Beta 5 - Still Not Education Ready

Two months into the beta cycle, Big Sur is still not education ready. Today marks the release of beta 5 and Apple has not implemented a way for standard users to enable screen recording.