Introducing VirusTotalReporter

Published May 21, 2024 / 299 words / ~2 minutes to read

Today I’m introducing VirusTotalReporter, an AutoPkg processor designed to return file report information from VirusTotal. Heavily inspired by the well loved and widely used VirusTotalAnalyzer by Hannes Juutilainen, VirusTotalReporter’s goal is to provide as much detection data as possible to make informed decisions within AutoPkg recipes and workflows. It is for the most part a drop-in replacement for VirusTotalAnalyzer, and includes the same output variables in the same format. Wherever VirusTotalAnalyzer is used today - within a recipe, as a post-processor, etc. - VirusTotalReporter can take its place by only changing the processor name. Recipes using StopProcessingIf processors to bail early on detections can use the exact same predicates.

Why use VirusTotalReporter over VirusTotalAnalyzer?

VirusTotalReporter is available here and ready for you to kick the tires. Read through the documentation, give it a try, and file issues to let me know what breaks.